Free MP3 “Heart of Pandaria” Ringtone Download by Ilithiya

When Mists of Pandaria came out as the new expansion for World of Warcraft, I instantly fell in love with the login screen song.  After doing some research, I discovered that the name of the full song is “Heart of Pandaria”.  Part of me wanted to create a ringtone to enjoy and share it with other people for their enjoyment as well. One day, I was talking to a few of my guildies in my guild, <Dothraki>, and several of them told me that they very much enjoyed the section of the song that sounded “very Chinese”, as they put it. I did some extra research and told them to go to a YouTube video and tell me when the portion of the song that they loved started playing.  Each one of my guildies gave me the same section (granted only about five of us were talking about this).  I enjoyed this part as much as they did, so I went into my Adobe Soundbooth program and created an mp3 ringtone of the portion of the song that everyone loved so much.  I cut out all of the excess music from the original song and looped the main part three times, trying to make it flow.  The average ringtone is 30-60 seconds long.  I, however, prefer my ringtones to be around 90 seconds long (1 minute 30 seconds).  This ringtone ended up coming out to 1 minute and 21 seconds long which was perfect for me and hope it is for anyone who wishes to download it.

Here is the song playing on my YouTube channel for those who would like to preview it.

How to Download:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the blue “Download” button directly below the music player
  3. Select “Free Download” to the right of the page (it should be a gray button)
  4. Choose where you would like to save the MP3 file
  5. Enjoy!

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