TERA Character Creation with Ilithiya

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!  Today was the launch of TERA free to play.  I’ve stopped playing World of Warcraft for the time being to play some TERA.  I absolutely love this game and even more now that it’s free!  As a blogging gift, I’ve created a character creation video for anyone and everyone to view.

Please enjoy this video and if you’re thinking about playing TERA, I hope this gives you a better background/view on how the character creation and customization is performed.  This video is pretty in depth, showing viewers several aspects of the character customization.  Another thing that I wanted to mention before ending this blog post is that I was very unsure of the factions in this game.  After doing some research, there actually are no factions in the game.  Therefore, you can choose whatever race you want without having to worry about automatically getting placed into a faction.

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