TERA Dungeon List and Level Requirements

So, I was playing TERA with the lovely Desouled, the boyfriend ♥, and I went to queue us up for an instance/dungeon while I was at level 33 and realized that I had absolutely no dungeon options!  Desouled left the group and queued up by himself at level 32 and was still able to queue for Sinestral Manor while I, alone, was still unable to queue for anything by myself.  “Why is this?” I thought.  Apparently, TERA isn’t like World of Warcraft where you can enter different dungeons all the time after you hit level 15.  There are “level breaks” in TERA where you will not be able to queue, or TERA’s term “instance matching”, but you are able to still go into the instance with a group; only downfall to that is, you can’t automatically be teleported to the entrance of the instance/dungeon.  As a result of all this though, I’ve put together a list of TERA’s current dungeons and what level they become available for instance matching.

Here are TERA’s current dungeons (as of March 10, 2013) and I’ve also listed the levels at which they unlock for instance matching.

  1. Bastion of Lok – Level 20
  2. Sinestral Manor – Level 26
  3. Cultists’ Refuge – Level 35
  4. Necromancer Tomb – Level 41
  5. Sigil Adstringo – Level 45
  6. Golden Labyrinth – Level 48
  7. Akasha’s Hideout – Level 48
  8. Ascent of Saravash – Level 48
  9. Saleron’s Sky Garden – Level 53
  10. Suryati’s Peak – Level 56
  11. Ebon Tower – Level 58
  12. Kelsaik’s Nest – Level 58
  13. Labyrinth of Terror – Level 58
  14. Balder’s Temple – Level 60
  15. Fane of Kaprima – Level 60

Supposedly, the creators at TERA are working on new dungeons so we will have more than 15 to venture into.  I hoped this helped you my fellow TERAeans :)

I’m terribly sorry that this was such a short article.  If you guys have any suggestions at all on different content that you would like to see pertaining to anything or TERA, please leave me a comment below and let me know.  Any suggestions are welcomed and very appreciated.  Well, that’s all for now guys.  As always, have a splendid day!

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