MMORPG Terminology

Upon the sight of my Horde symbol painted onto my schoolbag, my friend at college said to me So you play video games?  I replied with Yeah.  He asked What types of video games do you play?  and I said MMORPG’s.  and he asked What does that stand for?  I answered his question with Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games.  But that got me thinking, at one point in time, each of us was considered a “noob” whether we like the term or not.  Thus, I decided to start a list of common MMORPG term.  Use this list to your advantage so you don’t look like a noob in your game :)

When I was a fresh “noob” in World of Warcraft, I read in trade chat WTB [insert item name here].  I asked the player what WTB means and they said It means WTB you noob.  Out of that I asked  him What’s a noob?  And he ignored me.  So, ever since, I’ve been making it a habit to be helpful to people in game without making them feel like a “noob” as well.  So here is a terminology list/guide of MMORPG words and abbreviations listed in alphabetical order to help you be less of a “noob”.

If you feel that I left anything out, please leave me a comment below.  Don’t be afraid to ask me a question about what a word/phrase/abbreviation in a game means that I might not have listed here.  I am more than happy to help.  Please note that is you see an abbreviation in your game that isn’t on this list then it is most likely the name of a dungeon/instance/raid in your game.  Also be aware that I did include some text lingo/abbreviations in here as well seeing as how a lot of people do use text lingo throughout video games.  The acronyms in this list I have show in all capital letters since that is the proper way to display an acronym, but most players in the game will probably have them in lowercase or a mixture of both capital and lowercase letters.  I am also no English major so these definitions are fairly simple.


  • addon(s): similar to “mods”, this is something you can download as extra content for your game that can enhance or change some aspects of your game.
  • adds: typically these are enemies that spawn during dungeons or during boss fights; they call them adds because they are essentially added enemies by spawning; the term derives from the word “additions” or “additionals”
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard
  • aggro: the amount of “threat” that someone takes on from an enemy, it is what makes an enemy attack you
  • agi: agility
  • AH: In most cases stands for Auction House
  • alch: alchemy or alchemist
  • AOE: Area Of Effect; a spell/ability that damages several targets, usually 3 or more


  • baddie/baddy: a player who is perceived as a very bad player and cannot play the game of average ability; this word is also sometimes interchangeable with the word noob
  • bb: Be Back
  • BC: In most games, this is typed as bc or b/c and stands for because
  • BF: BoyFriend
  • BL: Borderlands (title of a game)
  • BG: battlegrounds
  • BOA: Bind On Account; an item that is specifically soulbound/bound to your specific account and cannot be shared to players, but can be shared amongst, typically, all of your characters.
  • BOE: Bind On Equip; an item that will souldbind/bind to you once you equip it, however you can usually sell, trade, or mail the item before you equip it.
  • BOP: Bind On Pickup; an item that will soulbind/bind to you once you pick it up or loot it.
  • BOTD: Benefit Of The Doubt
  • botting: using a program to play your video game for you; essentially it is cheating and in most games you can get banned for this
  • BR: Brazil; not used much, but some people will use this as a shortened version of telling you a nationality
  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • BRT: Be Right There
  • BS: blacksmith; blacksmithing; bull shit
  • buff(s): A spell that is cast on a player or players within the game to give them a certain beneficial ability typically increasing a certain stat


  • camp/camper/camping: when another player stands around another player’s corpse waiting for them to respawn so they can kill them again
  • CC: Crowd Control; when a player uses a spell that somehow stops an enemy from attacking for a small period of time
  • chan: channel
  • channel: typically mean a chat channel or sometimes known as when servers are split into channels meaning you can be in the same place as someone else but in a different channel which will prevent a vast amount of players in one specific area
  • char: character
  • class:  the type of “class” that your character is meaning like “warrior”, “archer”, “hunter”, “mage”, “rogue”, “wizard”, etc.
  • COD: Call Of Duty (title of a game)
  • cookies: typically a universal name for an item that certain players can conjure to give other players that will restore their health and/or mana
  • congrats: congratulations
  • congratz: congratulations
  • crit: critical


  • DC/DCed/DC’d: Disconnected
  • DCUO: DC Universe Online
  • DD: Usually stands for Damage Dealer can also be referred to as DPS.
  • debuff(s):A bad spell that has been cast on a player or players within the game that harms them in a way, typically brings down a stat or inflicts a curse/poison on the player
  • DEEPS: Essentially the same thing as DPS meaning Damage Per Secondjust a fun way of spelling it.
  • DIAF: Die In A Fire
  • ding: What someone says when they gain a level or level up.  Usually they expect you to congratulate them after they say it.
  • dmg: damage
  • DnD/D&D: Dungeons and Dragons (title of a game)
  • DPS: Damage Per Second; a character that is has the intent of doing maximum damage possible to enemies
  • dung: Shortened term for dungeon
  • dungeon: typically a group of 5 players (consisting of 1 tank, 1 healer, & 3 DPS) that will team up and fight throughout specific enclosed area and take on bosses in order to achieve special loot and/or bonuses; aka instance


  • elite: a really strong enemy; above average strength; usually used to describe bosses or high powered enemies, but can also be used as a compliment towards other players
  • ESO: Elder Scrolls Online (title of a game)
  • exp: experience


  • F2P: Free To Play
  • facepalm:  Typically means that someone is ashamed of you and/or your actions; literally, think of someone putting their face in their palms
  • faceroll: this is a joke that means to take your face and roll it on the keyboard thus hitting buttons/macros and causing damage or healing enemies/players.  Essentially this is saying that a class is really easy to play or that a player is so good that they barely need to do anything.
  • fap/fapping: another term for jerking off or masturbating
  • FF: Final Fantasy (title of a game)
  • FFS: For Fuck’s Sake; used to express anger and/or frustration
  • FM: Flight Master
  • FP: Flight Path
  • FPS: Frames Per Second; First Person Shooter
  • FTW: For The Win doesn’t literally mean that you need to do this to “win”, it’s more of an opinion.


  • G2G: Good To Go ; or sometimes Got To Go
  • gank/ganked/ganking: When a player kills another player that they know doesn’t have a chance to survive due to gear and/or them being a lower level.  This term is most common when someone from the opposing faction “one-shots” a lower-level player just because they were passing through.
  • Gbank: Guild Bank
  • GF: Good Fight (but could also stand for Girl Friend)
  • GG: Good Game
  • G.I.R.L.: Guy In Real Life
  • GJ: Good Job
  • GL: Group Looking
  • glass cannon: Any class who has little to no defensive stats but outputs a lot of damage.
  • GLF: Group Looking For
  • GM: Guild Master or Game Master
  • gogo: Something that players will say in groups sometimes as a “nicer” way of trying to tell the tank to hurry up and pull, get things started.
  • GOW: God  of War (title of a game); Gears of War (title of a game)
  • grats: congratulations
  • gratz: congratulations
  • grind/grinding: Usually pertains to when a player is persistently doing something like “grinding” experience/reputation/quests; so essentially it’s to do something a lot for a certain amount of time.
  • grtz: congratulations
  • GS: Gear Score
  • GTFO: Get The Fuck Out
  • GTG: Good To Go
  • GW: Guild Wars (title of a game)


  • H-Dung: Hard/Heroic Mode dungeon
  • healer: a character that is purposely made for the intent of healing other players by restoring their health and sometimes mana
  • heals: healer
  • heat: pretty much the same thing as threat where you attract attention from an enemy
  • HM: Hard/Heroic Mode
  • HP: Health Points/Power
  • hub: A place where both factions can go without the ability to kill each other or can also just mean a very large, main city that usually contains every vendor that you need.
  • huntard: someone who chooses a hunter/archer class and makes dumb mistakes


  • IDC: I Don’t Care
  • IDGAF: I Don’t Give A Fuck
  • IDGAFOS: I Don’t Give A Fuck Or Shit
  • IDK: I Don’t Know
  • IL: item level
  • iLV/ilv: item level
  • iLVL/ilvl: item level
  • ILY: I Love You
  • IMO: In My Opinion
  • inc: shortened for incoming
  • instance: typically a group of 5 players (consisting of 1 tank, 1 healer, & 3 DPS) that will team up and fight throughout specific enclosed area and take on bosses in order to achieve special loot and/or bonuses; aka dungeon
  • int/intel: intellect
  • inv: invite or invite to group; in rare cases, this can also be used as a shortened word for inventory


  • jk or j/k: Just Kidding
  • jm or j/m: Just Messing
  • junk items: usually items in your inventory/bags that are worthless and are really just there to bring in a small amount of money


  • k: okay
  • kite/kiting: a method of controlling an enemy or group of enemies by attacking them and running around so they need to chase you while periodically attacking them to keep their attention or aggro.
  • kk: okay


  • L2P: Learn To Play
  • lag/lagging/lagged: When a player’s game is running choppy/slow and their character appears to either be just standing there or skips around.
  • lagged out: A player was lagging so bad in game that it was enough to disconnect them from the game.
  • LF: Looking For
  • LF#M:Looking For # More
  • LFG: Looking For Group
  • LFM: Looking For More
  • LFP: Looking For Party
  • link: sometimes means a link to a website, but in games, it usually means to link an item, quest, etc. and it is click-able for other players
  • lock: In most cases stands for Warlock
  • LOTR: Lord Of The Rings (title of a game & movie)
  • LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
  • LMFAO: Laughing My Fat Ass Of or Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
  • log: to exit out of the game
  • LOL: Laugh Out Loud; sometimes people will use LoL to refer to the game League of Legends
  • loligag/loligagging: literally means to gag a little girl with a lollipop; this is typically a hentai fetish but is used in some games; it’s also almost the equivalent to calling someone a “pedophile” if you called them a “loligagger”; this is also a term sometimes used for men who like to play “cute little characters” (not the same as playing a sexy female character)
  • loot: items that drop off of an enemy that are beneficial to a player or players
  • LOS: Line Of Sight; when a player, typically the tank, pulls enemies to a controlled space usually to keep them for aggroing other enemies to your party or other players
  • lore: background story; storyline
  • LTP: Learn To Play
  • lv: level
  • lvl: level


  • main: someone’s main character meaning the character that is their “#1 character”, typically is the most “elite” character that they own
  • mana: essentially means the same thing as magic
  • mats: materials
  • meat shield: same thing as a tank
  • MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
  • mob: a group of enemies, usually entails 3 or more enemies per group/mob
  • mod(s): modification(s); typically this is extra content that you can download to enhance or change something about your game
  • mount: typically an animal or machine that your player rides on in the game to increase speed
  • MP: Mana/Magic Power/Points
  • Mumble: a program used for communicating verbally to other players so that you don’t have to type


  • nerd rage/raging: When a player consistently complains about the same in-game topic.
  • nerf/nerfed/nerfing: When the higher-ups within the company that pertains to your game purposely decrease a specifically class’s/spell’s/race’s abilities in order to make the game more “equal”.
  • noob/newb/noobie/newbie: A new player in the game that doesn’t know much and/or is very inexperienced.  Most users will use this term out of rudeness
  • norm: normal
  • NPC: Non Playable Character
  • NSFW: Not Safe For Work


  • OMW: On My Way
  • OP: Over Powered meaning very strong; above averagely strong; can be used as a compliment towards another player


  • pal: Typically stands for Paladin
  • pally: Paladin
  • pats: patrols; enemies that walk around throughout a dungeon and/or enclosed area
  • phish/phishing:  when other people or bots attempt to steal your personal and/or account information through the game
  • plx: a common misspelling of theshortened word plz which stands for please.
  • plz: please
  • PM: Personal Message also known as whisper in some games
  • ppl: people
  • PR: Puerto Rican; not used much, but some people will use this to tell you what nationality they are
  • prof(s): professions
  • PST: Please Send Tell also known as whisper in some games
  • PT: party
  • pull/pulled/pulling: when someone attracts the attention of an enemy first, this is what the tank does within dungeons/instances/raids
  • PUG: Pick Up Group
  • PvE: Player versus Environment; when players play within the game and not against other players
  • PvP: Player versus Player; when players battle each other online
  • pwn: to “own” someone meaning to be way better than them or an enemy/boss


  • QQ: this is literally supposed to look like eyes that are crying; using this towards someone else is basically calling them a cry baby but if you use it towards yourself it usually means you’re sad about something


  • race: not like “black” or “white” but within the game like “elf”, “human”, “orc”, etc.
  • ragequit: when a player gets so angry and/or fed up with the game that they stop playing completely or for awhile.
  • raid: typically a group of 10 or more players that join forces for a certain cause, usually to take on very powerful enemies that requires a lot of hard work
  • RaidCall: a program used for communicating verbally to other players so that you don’t have to type
  • RC: RaidCall
  • r DPS: ranged Damage Per Second
  • realm: they name of the “world” that you’re in, everyone gets to play the same game but can be on different realms which decreases a realm overload of players; aka server
  • reg: regular
  • relog: to exit the game and return usually to solve some sort of in-game error/problem/issue
  • rep: reputation
  • res: resurrection; to bring back from the dead
  • respawn: when a player or enemy return from the dead
  • respec: re-specialization; when a player clears their talents and puts them into other talents
  • resto: restoration
  • rez: resurrection; to bring back from the dead
  • ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  • roll: means to roll for loot on an item or to “roll a class” simply meaning to make a class
  • RP: role play; role playing


  • sanctuary: A place where both factions can go without the ability to kill each other or can also just mean a very large, main city that usually contains every vendor that you need.
  • sec: second
  • server: they name of the “world” that you’re in, everyone gets to play the same game but can be on different servers which decreases a server overload of players; aka realm
  • SMG: Sub Machine Gun
  • SMH: Shaking My Head
  • spam/spamming: when someone repeats the same thing to the same person/group/chat within a small amount of time; usually more than 2 times is considered as spamming
  • spawn: when a player or enemy appear in a certain area
  • spec: specialization; when a player puts points or talent points usually into a certain tree/branch of their class that allows them to do different things/skills with their class
  • spir: spirit
  • sry: sorry
  • stahp: a really dumb way of spelling stop but people use it sometimes
  • stam: stamina
  • stats: statistics; usually your spirit, intellect, stamina, agility, etc.
  • STFU: Shut The Fuck Up
  • SWTOR: Star Wars: The Old Republic (title of a game)


  • tank: someone who plays a class with the intent of taking a lot of damage; tanks distract enemies to attack them instead of lesser protected players; soul purpose is to be able to take a lot of damage but they usually don’t deal a lot of damage; also known as a meat shield
  • TBH: To Be Honest
  • TeamSpeak: a program used for communicating verbally to other players so that you don’t have to type
  • tele: teleport
  • TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea (title of a game)
  • threat: the amount of attention that you have of an enemy
  • thx: thanks
  • title: typically a word/status/phrase that can be displayed over your character’s name
  • TMI: Too Much Information
  • toon: just another word for character
  • tryhard: typically a player who uses certain aspects of the game to their advantage like in Call of Duty when a player stays in the same spot where it is hard to kill them but easy for them to kill other players; sometimes also known as camper
  • troll/trolling: not like the actual troll under a bridge, but a troll is a person who lies to other players in a game or attempts to fool them, that person is called a troll or is trolling you.
  • TS: TeamSpeak
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
  • TTYS: Talk To You Soon
  • tx: thanks; usually abbreviated using thx but I’ve seen people use tx as well
  • ty: thank you


  • UI: User Interface


  • vent: short for ventrilo
  • ventrilo: a program used for communicating verbally to other players so that you don’t have to type


  • war: In most cases stands for Warrior
  • WB: Welcome Back
  • W/E: Usually stands for whatever but in rare cases stands for whenever
  • WP: Well Played
  • WoW: World of Warcraft (title of a game)
  • WTB: Want To Buy
  • WTF: What The Fuck
  • WTS: Want To Sell
  • WTT: Want To Trade


  • XD:  this is meant to be read sideways like when you read the sideways smiley faces ” :) ” it’s almost the same as typing ”  >_<  ”  ; it’s meant to look like a smiley face with squinty eyes; this symbol is typically used when someone thinks something is funny with a mixture of a “facepalm”; this is such a simple symbol yet fairly difficult to explain, literally, just think of it as a face.
  • Xfer: Transfer
  • XP: Experience
  • Xrealm: Cross Realm
  • Xserver: Cross Server


  • YOLO: You Only Live Once, yes, believe it or not, this still shows up in video games from time to time, typically in a trade/general/area chat where people like to say dumb stuff or spam


Again, if you feel that I’ve missed something or you need me to clarify on something else, please feel free to leave a comment below.  I am always looking for more ways to update my blogs and make them better.  I will also be making separate MMORPG Terminology lists for World of Warcraft and TERA in the near future.

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