Anonymous hacks the NSA

It is all over the internet and web about the latest findings of the hacktivist group, Anonymous. Last night they leaked documents the found of the NSA that basically say we are always being watched. These documents even included important things such as US Department of Defense’s vision for monitoring and essentially controlling the internet.

There was a total of 13 documents that were posted online for everyone to view. Anonymous then of course left their little going away message as always talking about people not being silenced and so on. More importantly the documents give us the insight as to how they are going to be controlling the internet and monitor everything from typing an email back home to mom to what you do in your alone time. Seems as though the documents focus on the evil thing they call PRISM which first made its appearance in 2008.

The documents are so popular right now Facebook has even blocked you from posting them due to spamming. The documents will basically lay everything out for you if you want some ‘light’ reading. The documents themselves are like a puzzle with acronyms like you can’t believe. Keep in mind though they are probably watching you read them ;) Hope you enjoy.

The world as we know it.
The world as we know it.

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