Alice: Madness Returns – How to Give Yourself “God Mode” and Weapon Upgrades for the PC

First of all, I’d like to state that this is essentially “cheating” or “hacking” since you are messing with the program code for Alice: Madness Returns and these “cheats” are also only good for Alice: Madness Returns on the PC.  I’m going to shorten Alice: Madness Returns by referring to it as AMR throughout the blog or else this blog will get really long and you guys know what I’m talking about.  Doing these cheats could potentially mess up and/or glitch your game, so keep that in mind as well.  So now without further ado, I’ll show you how to give Alice God Mode and require less teeth for weapon upgrades.

I’d first like to answer this question that I get a lot from people If I own “Alice: Madness Returns” on Steam, can I get banned for doing these cheats?  The answer to that question is no, you cannot get banned since it’s a single-player game and it also doesn’t require you to be online in order to play the game.

Okay, so let’s get started.  If my steps are a little too confusing for you, then don’t worry!  I’ve created a video and posted it closer to the bottom of the blog :)

  1. Find where your AMR game is stored and find the DefaultGame file.  If you have a shortcut to it on your desktop, usually you can find it fast by right-clicking the shortcut icon and under the Shortcut tab (if there is one for you, there wasn’t for me) click Open File Location and that will bring you to your AMR folder.  If that didn’t work, then you’re going to have to go through your computer and find it like I did.  This was my path that I had to take since I own the game on Steam: Computer > D: > Steam > SteamApps > common > Alice: Madness Returns > AliceGame > Config > DefaultGame.
  2. Make a copy of DefaultGame and store it somewhere else, I just stored the copy somewhere in My Documents folder.  This is just in case your game does glitch out, you can restore it by replaces the altered DefaultGame with the original DefaultGame.
  3. Open DefaultGame in a text editor like Notepad, Wordpad, or MS Word.  My personal favorite to work with is Notepad.  Make sure you’re opening the original file and not the file you just copied over to My Documents or something like that.
  4. For God Mode, if you have something showing you what line you’re on, go to line 176.  Where it says DamageMultiplierArray[0] = 0.75 change the 0.75 to 0.0.  So now it should look like DamageMultiplierArray[0] = 0.0
    The other DamageMultiplierArray‘s are just different level difficulties in the game so [0] is Easy mode in the game.  So unless you change the others to 0.0, Easy mode will be the only mode that you have God Mode in.  It really doesn’t matter which you change, but to avoid confusion, just change what I mentioned above and when you go to play the game, play it on Easy mode.  When you’re done editing that for God Mode, make sure you save the file.
  5. For Cheaper Weapon Upgrades, open the same file DefaultGame and go to line 262 if you’re in a program that has a line counter.  Find WeaponUpgradeToLevel2XCost[0]=150 and I changed mind to WeaponUpgradeToLevel2XCost[0]=1 and you just go down that list and change how much you want the upgrade to cost.  Basically what I did was I changed the upgrade amount to level to from 150 teeth to 1 tooth; that’s basically what we’re doing here.  Remember to save the file.
  6. Extra Weapon Damage, open the same file DefaultGames and find AliceWeaponDamageMultiplier[0] = 3.0 change the 3.0 to whatever you’d like as long as it is higher than 3.0 and you keep it in the same format of having a whole number with one place after the decimal.  Remember to save.  I DO NOT MESS WITH THIS PART!  I personally do not mess with this part because when you upgrade your weapons, that is already updating your damage done in the game.  So I leave this go for fear it will REALLY mess up my game.  If you want to play around with it you can, since you always have the original DefaultGame file stored somewhere else as a backup, but I don’t like messing with this one.

Wah-lah!  You’re done!  Again, use this knowledge with caution.  As long as you entered in the code and saved the file correctly, you should have God Mode and cheap weapon upgrades.

Here’s the video that I promised you guys.  I posted a really big one to help you see what I’m doing in the video.  The best way to see everything in the video is to set the resolution to 720p or 1080p and then go into fullscreen.

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